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Play: CLE isn’t just a place for playing! Our bar and restaurant, Plate + Pint, is a great place for relaxing, grabbing a bite to eat, having a drink, and socializing. Our restaurant and bar area is located right in the action of all our attractions!

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French Fries

house seasoning. Add-ons: buffalo, mesquite bbq, old bay, bacon, beer cheese, green onions

Mac Bites

grated parmesan, sriracha ranch

Mini Corn Dogs

honey mustard, beer cheese

Chicken Quesadilla

cheddar, chipotle crema, guacamole, pico

Brussels Sprouts

bacon, onion, balsamic


Hot Pretzels

grain mustard, beer cheese, kosher salt

Chicken Tenders

beer battered, bbq, honey mustard. Add-ons: parmesan-pretzel crusted, buffalo or bbq seasoned

Kobe Slider

horsey sauce, spinach, tomato

CLE Flatbread

grilled chicken, bacon, mozzarella, bbq

Margherita Flatbread

tomato, pesto, mozzarella, balsamic

Pepperoni Flatbread

red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni

Chips + Dips

pico, guacamole, beer cheese, fresh-made chips

Hummus Trio

pesto hummus, garlic hummus, black bean hummus, veggies, pita


served w/ fries or chips + salsa
Classic Burger

cheddar, romaine, tomato, onion, pickle

BBQ Burger

bbq, bacon, cheddar, romaine, onion strings

Veggie Wrap

black bean dip, mozzarella, spinach, tomato, cucumber ,balsamic

Grilled Chicken Bacon Wrap

bacon, cheddar, romaine, tomato, sriracha ranch

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

parmesan-pretzel crusted, buffalo spice, spinach, ranch, tomato

Grilled Cheese

grilled pita, cheddar, mozzarella



cheddar, romaine, tomato, onion, pickle


romaine, parmesan, crouton, caesar. Add-ons: grilled chicken, bacon


Play: Dough Bites

edible cookie dough between peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

Sweet Hawaiian

grilled pineapple, ice cream, coconut, cinnamon, honey


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