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April 15, 2019

100+ of the Best Blogs in Cleveland to Follow

Play: CLE’s List of Notable Northeast Ohio Blogs

For years, Clevelanders have been showing off their creative sides, as well as their virtual savviness, with a variety of online platforms. Play: CLE is proud to be a part of this online community with a presence on social media, an online store, and an established blog that details our various deals and seasonal promotions.

In addition to writing our own content, we also love to read about what’s going on in Cleveland, all from the perspective of its residents! Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the best blogs written by bloggers in the city.

If you’re looking for insights on everything from the best new restaurants in the city to last week’s Indians game and everything in between, you’ve come to the right place.

Our list is broken down into the following categories. Enjoy!

  • Food/drink and wellness
  • Parenting
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • Regional sports
  • Other news and happenings

Food/Drink and Wellness Blogs in Cleveland

  1. Bite Buff – Follow Katrina, Bite Buff’s author, as she visits and reviews restaurants all over the Cleveland area. Each post is accompanied with plenty of food pictures and valuable tidbits.
  2. Eat Drink Cleveland – As a blog that primarily covers food, author Crystal documents her meals from local restaurants and her own kitchen. She also covers events in the city such as festivals and holiday parties.
  3. Beard & the Broad – This blog is spearheaded by married couple Benjamin (“Beard”) and Julia (“Broad”). Give them a follow to see their detailed reviews of breweries, restaurants and other products from Cleveland and beyond.
  4. That’s What She Eats – Author and Cleveland resident Aubrey uses her blog to promote a variety of her own clean-eating recipes. From cookies to curry, there’s bound to be a meal fit for every palette!
  5. Tara the Foodie – As a self-proclaimed foodie, Tara posts pictures, videos and how-to’s for a variety of diet-friendly recipes. Her blog also includes various giveaways and reviews of Cleveland-area restaurants.
  6. Belly Laugh Living – This blog was created by a mother-daughter duo who are documenting their weight-loss journey by sharing products they love, recipes they’ve cooked and more.
  7. Edible Cleveland – The team at Edible Cleveland works to publish the stories behind our local food and its production. In addition to their quarterly magazine, they also have an online blog that discusses local food stands, gardening and more.
  8. Michael Ruhlman – In addition to this blog, chef Michael Ruhlman has also written more than twenty books about food and cooking. The same subject matter is covered in his regular posts that detail a variety of meals and recipes.
  9. Fitt CLE – This publication is for any Cleveland resident who prioritizes health and fitness, as it can be seen as a local guide for clean-eating restaurants, gyms to exercise at and any other wellness events in the city.
  10. Cleveland Health and Wellness – This center provides mental health guidance for patients, so it’s no surprise that its online blog is also packed with tips for improving your wellbeing along with other pieces of helpful advice.
  11. Northeast Ohio Brewery News – If you’re looking for the latest news and updates about local breweries, this is the right blog for you. It’s complete with pictures, reviews and more.
  12. Running Across Ohio – With the goal of completing every half marathon in Ohio, Emily has been documenting her journey and progress through this blog.
  13. Cook Drink Decorate – Kala, the creator of Cook Drink Decorate, gives her thoughts and insights about food, home ownership, traveling and other related topics.
  14. Chickpea in the City – Although she’s currently residing in Chicago, author Addie still offers tidbits, food pictures and other Cleveland-related content.
  15. CP Food Blog – This blog post is dedicated to reviewing the food and other aspects at Cedar Point. There’s also information for other amusement parks, such as ticket prices, menus and hours.
  16. Anderson’s Angels – Written by a wife and mother of four children, Anderson’s Angels offers family-friendly recipes, gift guides and more.
  17. Coffee, Pancakes and Dreams – Although its name includes coffee and pancakes, food is only a portion of the content on this blog, as it also revolves around motherhood and home décor.
  18. Eats with Claire ­– Focused on food, fitness and lifestyle, author Claire is a Cleveland resident who regularly posts about restaurants, recipes and other local content.
  19. Cleveland Water – This blog by the City of Cleveland primarily revolves around water and its various uses. Give it a follow for insights on household leaks, gardening and more.
  20. The Cleveland Flea – This flea market blog puts a spotlight on its regular vendors, who include local restaurants, personal chefs and more.

Parenting Blogs in Northeast Ohio

  1. Northeast Ohio Parent – This blog is dedicated to offering tips and insights for parents in Cleveland and all of northeast Ohio. Their resources include places to eat, things to do, directories and more.
  2. The Green Eyed Lady – Author Carissa offers parenting and lifestyle ideas, such as local events that are kid-friendly, along with reviews of various products.
  3. I Crashed the Web – As a self-proclaimed “mom and blogger, but not a mom blogger,” Melissa chronicles her exercises, adventures with her children, and more.
  4. Bits of Bri – This blogger combines motherhood with other lifestyle sectors such as fitness, home décor and fashion.
  5. The Samantha Show – This mom and Cleveland resident uses her blog to share things such as her latest family outings, tips for leaving the house with kids, and other parenting related content.
  6. CLE Baby – The blog for this parental education agency is filled with valuable tips on all aspects of raising a baby in the area.
  7. Your Milk Shoppe – This consultation center offers parenting workshops, and their blog is also a great asset as well. You can expect product reviews, personal stories and more.
  8. Lionheart Lamb – This business focuses on designing quality clothing for girls, and its blog also has content focused on the company and parenthood.
  9. Yoga Squirrel Kids – Yoga Squirrel Kids revolves around introducing yoga to children, with its blog posts being related to topics such as stress, yoga poses and more.
  10. Cleveland East Side Moms – This website is meant to serve as a place for moms on the east side of the city to connect, network, and learn something new about parenting and Cleveland.
  11. Cleveland West Side Moms – Like the East Side website, this is also a place for mothers to get to know each other and the city, but is designed for those residing in the west side.
  12. Cleveland Kids Guide – This website is a hub of resources for families looking for ideas on places to go, discounts on activities and reviews.
  13. Couponing with Rachel – This is a great website to bookmark if you want to learn more about couponing for your family. Rachel offers updates on products that she loves, classes you can attend and more.
  14. More Than Moms – The women behind this blog created it as an outlet to support each other in their various endeavors and connect with other moms in the area.
  15. Mom Fab Fun – Visit this blog for fun activities to do with kids, creative ways to celebrate various holidays and other general parenting insights.
  16. Adventure Mom Blog – Looking for a new adventure to go on with your kids? This blog is the right place, as author Nedra writes about her experiences at places in Cleveland and beyond.
  17. Mama the Fox – This blogger offers easy ways to make healthy choices for both you and your kids in your diets, living green and more.
  18. Coupon WAHM – Coupon Work at Home Mom offers tips for saving money, reviews on products, as well as deals at various stores in the area.
  19. Anna Cockayne – This blog has a wide range of content, from hidden gems in Ohio to giveaways and ideas for family crafting.
  20. Let’s Get Real Parents – With a focus on being realistic about everyday parenting, this new blog offers tales about the author’s family and other stories.
  21. Family Money Adventure – Follow Kevin and Barb as they help families gain control of their finances and plan a life of adventure they’ve dreamed about.

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs in CLE

  1. Glam Karen – Karen is a fashion blogger who writes about everything from emerging trends to tips on self-care. Follow her blog for regular updates, promotions and giveaways.
  2. Black Girl in CLE – This collaborative blog is written by multiple Cleveland residents who are navigating the city’s restaurants, festivals, shops and events.
  3. Greatest Escapist – Author Kate has been writing and sharing stories on her blog since 2007. It’s grown into a platform about Cleveland, culture, food and more.
  4. Always Alicia – Blogger Alicia writes regular updates about her latest Cleveland outings, interviews with Playhouse Square’s cast and crew, as well as her yoga schedule as an instructor.
  5. The Wardrobe Consultant – As stylists, Hallie and Elana have been dressing locals in the area while also offering tips and fashion insights on their blog.
  6. George Hahn – By day, Hahn is a consultant for men providing tips on fashion, grooming and more. This has also been evident on his blog, where he posts regular updates.
  7. CLE Fashionista – Rachel offers snapshots of her life in the form of blog posts and photos. Her posts include Cleveland-specific information, as well as insights on other cities and places.
  8. The Hearts Delight – Followers of this blog can expect regular updates about beauty, home décor and style. Run by Stella, a mom of two and former Wall Street executive.
  9. The Dainty Squid – Kaylah shares updates about her latest projects/crafts, some of the places she’s explored, products she’s reviewed and more.
  10. She Walks in Purpose – This lifestyle blog covers fashion, beauty and travel with a faith-based perspective.
  11. Chels and Zoe – This duo posts a variety of fashion-forward entries about their favorite trends, outfits, stores and more.
  12. Styled by Sharrona – With a background in tourism and travel, Sharrona’s posts regularly include information about the trips she’s been on, as well as snapshots of her street style while wandering around Cleveland.
  13. Oh So Graceful – Caroline and Ally share this blog, where they write about their latest art projects, share interviews, and present tutorials and other valuable tidbits.
  14. By Travel and Error – Author Leah is based in Cleveland, so her writing focuses on both The Land and other cities she has plans to travel to.
  15. My Versatile Style – Michelle posts regularly about her outfits, as well as tips for creating unique outfits and finding places to shop.
  16. Oliver’s Twist – This lifestyle blog has an array of updates in categories such as beauty, life and travel. You can also purchase pieces from past outfits, skincare supplements and more.
  17. Your Local Girl Gang – This website and blog puts a spotlight on women-owned businesses in Cleveland. You can check out interviews with owners to learn more about their businesses on a weekly basis.
  18. Nearly All Things – Like it says in its name, this blog covers nearly all things related to lifestyle updates. You can expect beauty tips, healthy eats, book recommendations and more.
  19. Blissful Gal – Author Amanda created this blog as a way to provide product tips, share discounts, offer insights on beauty, and more.

Regional Sports Blogs

  1. Waiting for Next Year – This website is the ultimate source for everything related to professional sports in Cleveland, as well as college and minor leagues.
  2. Let’s Go Tribe – Indians fans can utilize this website as a source for news on the team’s rosters and the latest stats, as well as in-depth editorials.
  3. Fear the Sword – This publication is for Cavaliers fans who are looking for game odds, rosters and more. Fans can also post their thoughts via the website’s message board “Fanposts.”
  4. Dawgs by Nature – Bookmark this website to learn about the latest news and updates regarding the Browns. Even during off-season, you can expect year-round updates from their authors.
  5. Dawg Pound Daily – Learn about updates from the Browns while also browsing through opinion posts about the team’s past, present and future roster.
  6. Cleveland Sports Talk – This website discusses all things related to the Cavs, Indians and Browns. If you’re more of a visual person, they also have the option to “watch” their posts by viewing their various YouTube videos.
  7. NEO Sports Insiders – Northeast Ohio Sports Insiders is a place for fans of Cleveland’s professional and high school teams to gather more information about any breaking news or updates.
  8. SB Nation Cleveland – SB Nation has sports blogs for cities across the nation, but this one is specifically for Cleveland’s sports teams. Their posts include content on the Indians, Browns, Cavs and Monsters.
  9. Factory of Sadness – The Factory of Sadness provides news and schedules for all of Cleveland’s professional teams, as well as Ohio State.
  10. The Athletic Cleveland – This blog revolves around athletics in Cleveland, with content ranging from game recaps to think-piece insights on teams and players.
  11. King James Gospel – Although King James is no longer in Cleveland, this website still provides regular updates on the Cavs, both on and off-season.
  12. Believeland Ball – You can utilize this website to learn more about the Indians and rumors going on around trades, draft analyses, and minor perspectives.
  13. 92.3 the Fan – The popular sports radio station also has an online blog for its listeners to learn about the latest scores and updates in Cleveland sports.
  14. Cleveland Sports Torture – Cleveland fans have had to endure a fair amount of losses in the past, so the name of the blog is more than fitting. Their Twitter profile, which is linked on the site, has regular updates about the latest in the city’s sports news.
  15. Browns Plainly – This site has a variety of Browns-related content in forms such as articles, podcasts and videos.
  16. Clevs World – This is another source for news related to Cleveland sports, from the perspective of a local resident and fan. You can expect opinion pieces mixed with a sense of humor in every post.
  17. Cleveland Frowns – Run by a local attorney in his spare time, Cleveland Frowns is an outlet for fans to read about the team’s latest updates and news.
  18. MSR Ohio – The McCallister Scouting Report includes information about high school players in Cleveland and all throughout Ohio to watch, as they may be valuable assets to teams in the future.
  19. Did the Tribe Win Last Night? – This website is dedicated to the Indians, providing relevant updates about the team’s games, as well as franchise history and other tidbits.
  20. England Tribe – This blog about the Indians is run by a resident in England who offers his perspective on the team from across the pond.

Other Cleveland News and Happenings

  1. Empowered and Poised – This blog is run by a network of women who contribute a variety of entries which include personal stories, tips/recommendations and more.
  2. Cleveland Appraisal – If you’re looking for insights on buying a home or the real estate market in general for Cleveland, this blog can be a helpful resource.
  3. Ronald McDonald House: CLE – The Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland features many stories and successes from both volunteers and the organization as a whole.
  4. Cleveland Foundation – The Cleveland Foundation’s blog highlights various people and organizations doing good things in the community.
  5. Dogs in the CLE – Like their name suggests, this website provides information about dogs in the area, which includes dog-friendly businesses, details about adopting/fostering and more.
  6. Hippie Chemist – This local shop that focuses on all-natural skincare has a journal portion on its website with a number of insightful wellness tips and tricks.
  7. Cleveland Scene – Cleveland Scene has a variety of posts that include news articles, opinion pieces and more, as long as it points back to The Land.
  8. Cool Cleveland – Use Cool Cleveland as a guide to the city’s neighborhoods, festivals, restaurants and various events.
  9. Crain’s Cleveland – Learn more about Cleveland’s various business developments and endeavors by reading this blog on a regular basis.
  10. Why CLE? – As “a blog about why we’re here,” Why CLE? gathers information about Cleveland’s latest events and activities – complete with plenty of pictures.
  11. i heart cleveland – This blog is a guide for things to see, taste, and do within the city. Expect updates about restaurants, shops, gyms and more.
  12. This Is Cleveland – This publication is geared toward both residents and non-residents, as it provides guides on things to do, places to stay in the city and much more.
  13. Live Cleveland – Learn more about each of Cleveland’s neighborhoods on this website. You’ll find information about schools in the area, events, housing and more.
  14. Literary Cleveland – This blog is designed to be a community of the area’s readers and writers, and features interviews, updates about classes, information about relevant events and more.
  15. Carol and John’s – The blog for this comic store in Kamm’s Corner features information about their newest releases and employee spotlights.
  16. Green City Blue Lake – Run by the Museum of Natural History, the blog is filled with practical ways to be more sustainable in our daily lives.
  17. Women’s Network – The blog for this networking website contains internal updates, interviews with members and recaps from seminars, to name a few.
  18. Adventures in Northeast Ohio – If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a day in northeast Ohio, utilize this blog! They’ve got information on activities for every season and interest.
  19. City Club of Cleveland – Written by staff members of City Club, this blog primarily features weekly stories and opinions about free speech and how the topic’s making the news today.
  20. Today’s Bride – This blog contains a variety of tips, tricks and other information about wedding planning, as well as inspiration from other weddings and receptions.
  21. Cleveland Film – This blog is run by the Greater Cleveland Film Commission and it puts a spotlight on local films, filmmakers, theatre productions and more.
  22. Natty Gal – Natty Gal, aka Betsy, provides recipes, style tips, travel ideas and other everyday thoughts in order to achieve a simple but satisfying life in Cleveland.

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