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Play: Adventure Park's Franchising Opportunities

Franchising Opportunities

We crafted an environment at Play: to attract a broad set of groups and individuals around the central tenet of providing fun and challenging entertainment.  Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, we encourage guests to choose their own adventure and have a great time doing it.

Play: has created the defining template for a fun, consistent, and growing active entertainment concept and will continue to evolve and create new standards of excellence in the industry.

What We Offer

Our Process

No Cookie-Cutter Locations

When it comes to franchising our Active Entertainment facilities, we’re proud of our process and how it can be tailored to each location. No two Play: sites will ever look identical. In addition to creating a facility that’s completely customized from the ground up, we believe in prioritizing both customer and employee satisfaction. At Play:, if our team isn’t happy walking into our facility every day, then we can’t expect our guests to be happy either. Our goal is to have a franchising process that’s as simple and smooth and collaborative as the joy a guest has walking into Play: for the first time.

Why We Play:

Turnkey approach

When you join the Play: team, you are provided a concierge-level tour into the Active Entertainment industry. We will help you create a local feel from a national brand by personalizing your Play: franchise Our economics, as cited in item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document, prove out that the concept works.

First To Market

A Map to Success

Play: is a service-based business model with a low cost of goods sold. Our price point is affordable for families of all sizes and allows for market variance. Play: offers the opportunity for a franchisee to be first to market in the limited territories available, and our facilities are a destination location. The business model for Play: does not rely on prime real estate Play: has a “WOW” factor that is second to none and certainly designed to get people talking, sharing their experiences, and returning. We are continuously innovating, never allowing the experience to become stagnant. Play: has set the mark in the industry on operations and discovered and/or solved many operational challenges that can plague individual businesses.


Play: Support

From the opening day of Play: CLE, we’ve had people interested in bringing such a unique business to their community. The concept of Play: can be replicated across the country, allowing passionate and committed entrepreneurs an opportunity to join the Active Entertainment renaissance. We have developed the Play: brand for expansion and evolution around unique activity design, customer attraction and retention, and experiential customer success.  The future of Play: is bright, and will reward those who join. You can breathe easy knowing you won’t ever have to go at it alone! We’ve been there and intend to help every step of the way.  From site location, design, construction and down to the final touches, the process of establishing a new location will always be a joint venture. Let’s start a conversation on how you can become a member of the Play: family.

Guest Experience Like No Other

Choose Your Own Adventure

We value the guest experience above all else and we believe in building a community of active adventurers. Play: has a fantastic economic model for franchise owners to Choose Your Own Adventure and offer numerous revenue streams to drive their topline goals. From daily admission to corporate events, to food and beverage, each Play: has the ability to focus efforts to maximize revenue. At Play: we fully expect ourselves to remain at the forefront of fun, fitness, and active entertainment.

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

Passionate Play: Ambassadors

At its core, the qualities we’re looking for in a potential Play: owner aren’t much different than those we’d be looking for within any of our employees. Our first priority is keeping our guests safe and satisfied. From there, other traits we want to see in a franchisee include: Passion – Our first location was established in December 2017, making us a relatively new outlet for fun. With that in mind, we’re looking for owners who want to be a part of something novel and who are obsessed with helping us grow. Business-Minded– We can’t always let the FUN get in the way of FUNDAMENTALS.  Play: is a business model that provides an excellent opportunity to drive revenue and profit through competent business practices. Innovative– As the Active Entertainment segment grows and changes we want entrepreneurs who are willing to adapt and help us lead the charge within the industry. As we continue to grow and expand into locations across the country, we are constantly on the lookout for strong partnerships that will drive the brand. In addition to developing solid relationships, our team is seeking out professionals who want to balance fun, fitness and entertainment with excellent profit opportunities.

Why We Play:

We are dedicated to providing a first-class guest experience, which is why we seek to differentiate and push ourselves to excel in multiple arenas. Guest safety and experience are integral in every layer of Play: decision making.

Active involvement in the local community is a key marker to making Play: more than just another business. Innovation that touches every corner of the facility, and keeps Play: at the forefront of fun, fitness, and adventure-based active entertainment. Food and Beverage that rise above the norm and deliver a product that is essential in creating re-Play: moments where a guest can expect better results from every aspect of our operations.

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