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Think for a minute and remember back to your After Prom or 8th Grade “graduation” celebrations? How awesome were they? (Asking for a friend.) Were they somewhere fun, or just in your high school gymnasium?

Kick your kid’s After Prom or 8th Grade Celebration up 20 notches, and host at Play:! Ensure a safe, staff monitored environment where kids still feel they can relax, let loose, and choose their own adventure! We have had after proms bring in bounce houses, food trucks, caricature artists, even a laser tag arena in the parking lot! Your EPIC After Prom is only limited by your imagination! You spent 4 years fundraising for an after prom you’ll never forget; make sure it’s one you remember for the rest of your life!

We can also host Physics or other Science events as well as field trips and athletic banquets. Your school event is only a phone call away!

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