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June 29, 2021



Climbing Fun at Play: Adventure Parks

The same-old, same-old date ideas get played out so many times; for most couples they start to become bland and routine. And for someone planning and trying to impress on a first date; you can run the risk of falling flat and blending into the mediocrity that your date has been used to. You don’t want that. You want to stand out. You want to shoot for the moon for incredible. Right? The classic, easy, can’t miss formula for a great date is really simple.

(Food + Drinks) + Fun Activity = Memorable Date Night

For most however, the trick is hitting on all 3; falling short at one can kill the whole vibe of the night. If the fun activity isn’t actually fun, you run the risk of forgetting the experience and/or having nothing to talk about over drinks later (remember the intro to Hitch please). If you have a horrible dining experience, the fun will be drowned out by the bad food, or awful atmosphere for having a drink. So how do you overcome all this? Sure, there are some savvy planners out there that are pretty apt to finding all 3 in our city. But what about the rest? Wouldn’t it be nice and convenient if there existed a venue that hits on all three components?

There is. (You’re welcome)

First component = Food. Play: CLE offers a unique, from-scratch fun menu of food options for all ages. The #1 complement we hear from guest feedback is: “I cannot believe how awesome the food is here!”. There are food options for people of all ages. Hell, even if you’re a big kid at heart try our chicken tenders, we make the batter in house; none of that pre-made frozen crap here!

Second component = Drinks. I mean what can we say besides we absolutely nailed this one. Pick something adventurous off our rotating seasonal fun cocktail menu. Pick from any number of craft beers we have on draft and in cans. If the whole craft beer thing isn’t your scene, help yourself to a Busch Light ON DRAFT. (Say what???) Yes, ON DRAFT. I bet the last time you had Busch Light from a keg, you had to pump for it in college. Not into beer or liquor? That’s cool we have a hand-picked selection of good wines plus the incredible Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers. Not familiar? Say that name to your mom, and watch her reminisce about college in the 80s.


Food and Beverage at Play: CBUS

Last, and arguably the most important component = Fun Activity. Do I need to say more than we are PLAY FREAKING CLE?!?! Is it your first date? Build a memory by learning about each while conquering our ropes course together. Married for 15 years and need to spice it up? Get those stagnant, routine-loving tickers going with a heart-pounding run down one of the longest indoor zip lines in the country. Need a change-of-pace venue for a wedding rehearsal dinner? Watch Uncle Bill have a spiritual experience (or possibly a biological one) standing on the top of our Leap of Faith contemplating jumping off!

So if you’re ready for a memorable date, whether it’s your first, or 100th, the only real question is: WHAT THE F(UN) ARE YOU WAITING ON?!?

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